About Us


Average Joe

Avg Joes is a juice creator and supplier that started spending his spare time with other average Joes and Janes who wanted to quit smoking and lead a healthier lifestyle with the help of vaping. These vapors were a diverse group of people, men, and women, old and young. One thing was common to everyone: a love of tasty flavors. This group of vapors includes photographers, writers, construction workers, landscapers, store clerks, insurance salesmen, house painters, car sales, etc., etc. Joe came out of this group with a destiny. His destiny was to create the tasty flavors everyone loved. With the help of the vape community, Avg Joes created flavors for everyone. You won't have a hard time finding an Avg Joes flavor that will quickly become you're all day vape. Welcome to Avg Joes...fill your tank or salt device, drip your RDA and enjoy flavors that are anything but average. 


Our Mission

Avg Joes goal is to help people lead a healthier lifestyle by creating a vaping experience that rewards each customer with a rich, layered flavor. This e-liquid is born of hard work, so it will work for you. It can be your morning starter; it can also be your go-to juice when looking for a flavor to help relax after a long day. Joe has been vaping his own juice since 2013 and is always seeking to perfect each flavor.

Customer satisfaction is very important to our vision and has become a delicious adventure in the world of vaping that will fit easily into any budget. We make all of our e-juice in an ISO7 equivalent clean room. We want you to to enjoy your bottle. That is why we make all of our e-juice in small batches to ensure consistency. 


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Warning this product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical